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ABC is very excited to announce that we are a finalist for a STEM Award for BEST STEM DAY ACTIVITY! Our MS/HS Academy hosted an incredible STEMS day May 3rd which included a Robotics and Art Expo. The winner will be chosen on September 27th in Savannah Georgia at the 2nd Annual STEM Education Awards!  Our students had an amazing week of celebration for STEM! You can see our nomination on the Technology Association of Georgia’s website:


What did we do on STEM Day?


Students received a first-rate lecture from Mrs. Standberry on Electricity, Power,and Energy Sources. The presentation was closed with a hands on activity for building a fully functional closed circuit with a Pizza Box! The kids were so engaged and active in trying to complete their circuits first. It was amazing to see them work so hard as a team to put together the projects.


During the week, students worked on design of robots for the Robotics Expo competition. After the STEMS day lecture, lab, and presentation the students prepared for the Robotics show. Several students had some kit robots to demonstrate. The winner of the competition, Mr. Payton, developed or worked on a robotic arm with a pneumatic controller for three degrees of motion. It was quite impressive to see him operate his apparatus!


To appeal to art students our STEMS day activity also allowed students to submit art or drawings or 3D structures of robots. Our winner from the ART category was Amari Cox.


The other event for our day involved laser tag and a videogame truck. The laser technology is a great science lesson and the video game truck design presents a FUN opportunity to discuss the power requirements for operating the game truck. (It has its own power generator.) Our school plans to work with GameTruck on developing a lesson plan that involves more details that can tie GameTruck visits to lesson plans or educational content.


STEMS day at ABC Montessori Academy was truly an enriching and equally fun experience. We look forward to launching a state-wide Robotics and Art Expo competition next year for May 2nd to coincide with STEMS day. The winners for our Robotics and Arts competition will receive prizes in excess of $100.00. We have gained local sponsorship and support and look forward to hosting a state-wide event next year.


The best part about the STEMS day activities was seeing the students not only show interest and have fun engaging in the curriculum materials, but also watching them grow and expand their thought process for how they can envision themselves working in STEM related fields.


ABC Montessori promotes both STEM and ARTS education for our students.The school operates a MS and HS department that works to meet the National Common Core Curriculum requirements. STEMS day activities are a great way to meet CCC requirementsand fulfill the mission of working with the community to support STEM initiatives in education.N

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