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ABC Animal Husbandry Program

Connecting children to nature

Animal Husbandry Program

ABC Montessori incorporates weekly experiences with animal husbandry into our integrated cultural curriculum. It covers a wide range of activities including care and grooming, livestock farming, accommodation and hygiene. We believe that through the care of animals, our children are taught responsibility, independence, order and focus.


Our animals provide an indoor-outdoor classroom for our students. Starting in our early childhood program, children are taught how to take care, raise and look after the animals on campus. They learn the importance of keeping the animal’s home orderly, clean and healthy. This is a natural way for children to expand their awareness and responsibility to the outside world. They are able to strengthen their feeling for nature as they help things live and grow. Our goal in our animal husbandry program is to help children develop the sense that they are a part of living creation, a part of something much larger than themselves.

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