• Mr. Chase grew up around the Montessori method and has closely followed Mrs. Kim, the schools founder and director. Mr. Chase is completing his Bachelor’s in Administrative Leadership while currently holding an Associates in Culinary Arts.

    Mr. Chase

    Director of Operations
  • Mr. Gregg started with the school in 2018 as the Elementary Coordinator and is currently acting as the school’s Montessori Coordinator. He is an expert in curriculum development, material design, and the creation and growth of programs.

    Mr. Gregg

    Montessori Coordinator
  • Mr. Stephen has experience in design and technology. He is able to offer his unique expertise to all the students and was educated with the Montessori method.

    Mr. Stephen

    Elementary Lead Assistant
  • Ms. Amy is the Upper Campus Lead Teacher. She holds a Bachelors in Early Education with a specialization in special education. Ms. Amy leads the school in it's community service and charity efforts.

    Ms. Amy

    Upper Campus Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Anna has been working with pre-primary aged children for the past 5 years. She is undergoing her Montessori certification training and has over a decade of experience in classical music and chorus.

    Ms. Anna

    Pre-Primary Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Chari has been a certified Montessori teacher for over 20yrs. Her Montessori experience began in Sri Lanka, where she operated her own Montessori school for 10yrs. She has continued her education by obtaining a Bachelor in Social Science and completing a Masters at John Marshal Law School in Atlanta, GA.

    Ms. Chari

    Primary Lead Teacher
  • Ms, Hannah is from New Jersey and has extensive experience in educational settings. She has completed her Early Childhood degree at Covenant College.

    Ms. Hannah

    Primary Lead Assistant
  • Ms. Janice

    Pre-Primary Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. Kim is the founder of ABC Montessori School. Through her passion and love for the Montessori method, she has created a program that allows children to reach their fullest potential.

    Ms. Kim

    Executive Director
  • Ms. Kristen has over 15yrs of experience in education and leads the Upper Campus. Ms. Kristen holds a bachelors of Arts in Social Science with a concentration in Education and a minor in psychology. Mrs. Kristen also holds a Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Special Education. Ms. Kristen first encountered the Montessori method as a student and has continued her love for learning throughout her career.

    Ms. Kristen

    Upper Campus Coordinator