Our Students Love Yoga

The benefits are amazing!

The Benefits of Yoga

Students at Academy for the Brilliant Child engage in yoga meditation and lessons to learn about benefits of the ancient artform. Students practice stretching, breathing, poses, and meditiation to help support their development and physical health and wellness. Articles support the belief that yoga is beneficial for children and teens in helping maintain balanced lives. Please contact the school or instructor if you are interested in participating or signing your student(s) up for a session. Yoga is an ancient system of physical exercise, breathing techniques and meditation practices that aim to strengthen the body and calm the mind.


As an instructor, yoga teaches so many principles. It is a lesson in discipline and listening skills.

It is extremely fun when students learn more challenging poses. And it is a very good way for students to work on developing good physical and mental balance and strength. The group poses require team work and active participation and engagement. Lessons can be integrated and often extend in to curriculum materials for World History, Art History, World Culture, Health and Wellness, Psychology, and Character Building.

By E Smith

The way I think yoga benefits me is that it helps me be more flexible. Yoga also helps me relax and some of the poses are fun like the wall poses. I also love doing crafts.

By K Jones

I feel that yoga is extremely beneficial because you do many things in it,. I have knee problems but yoga makes them feel better. Yoga is also a way to stretch and strengthen your body. Yoga can also reduce stress. Sometimes we have a lot of work due and we need to take our mind off of it. Yoga van increase your awareness and concentration better. You have to concentrate when you do yoga because you can just try to put both of your legs up in the air while balancing on your hands. That I tell you, is difficult. Yoga keeps muscles in balance. Muscles are a very important part of your body. You also receive cross-training benefits. Yoga can also improve posture. It will also help you to understand your mind and body connection better. Yoga will also increase your flexibility. Believe it or not, yoga can reduce risk for injury. Now do you see why yoga is so beneficial? Thanks for reading!


I think yoga helps my classmates because yoga and meditating is very calming and peaceful. If you were having a bad, grumpy day, meditation and yoga will help relieve stress and will make peace within you

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