ABC Healthy Lunch Option

A tasty way for your child to spend their lunch time.

ABC Healthy Lunch Program

Studies prove nutritional meals give children more focus, less fatigue, and balances their bodies??? natural chemicals. This allows them to be extremely successful. Healthy eating habits are created during the early stages of a child???s life. By building a foundation of environmental awareness, healthy eating habits and free thinking minds gives our students a wholesome life style that raises the bar for quality in their lives.

Special Lunch Needs?

Chef Chase offers an alternative choice for students who have dietary restrictions, allergies, or a health concerns. Contact our Executive Chef at [email protected] to get more information

Our policy is that all students have healthy snacks and a healthy lunch. After careful consideration of our families requests and needs, ABC has decided to implement a??new change to our program, where lunch is included in the tuition cost and no outside food is allowed in.

If your child has an allergy, dietary, or religious restriction, please ensure the office is made aware of and records your request in your child???s file. We ask that children do not bring in any outside food or drinks to campus.

ABC Montessori is dedicated to providing a wholesome educational environment for your children. This is achieved through our incorporation of the natural environment, family values, healthy foods, and our passion for teaching. In order to provide these things we thrive on families to support our school in any way they can. ????There is an opportunity to give your children a healthy hot lunch served daily by our Executive Chef. Chef Chase has played an important role in the lives of our students by providing a healthy lunch for the past three years. Chef chase uses fresh local ingredients in all of his meals; some of them come from our own green garden.??In doing this children receive a full rounded meal including all of the five major food groups.


Lunch is ???prepared??? fresh daily for the students but with NO cooking.???? Fresh food is brought into the school daily:?? fresh vegetables, sandwiches or makings thereof, and fresh fruit. ??

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