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Student Christmas Cards


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New Classroom Policy

Please respect our classroom environments by not disturbing or entering during school hours. During car-line, please show the staff your pick-up card, and the after-school staff will escort your child in and out of the classroom. If you are dropping off or??picking up your student, outside of the normal class time, please be sure to …


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Important Lunch Changes!

ABC Montessori would like to alert all parents about the new changes to our lunch program. As detailed in Mrs. Kim’s welcome letter, snacks and lunch will now be included in your annual tuition. Our policy is that all students have healthy snacks and a healthy lunch. After careful consideration of our families requests and …


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2016 End of Year Carnival

Our school year has come to an end, and what a wonderful year it was! The Ponders family hosted the most amazing end of year carnival for the students at ABC – they provided tons of sweets, cotton candy, candy apples, hot dogs, chicken wings, train rides, games, bumper cars, face painting and MORE. It …


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The Benefit of Animals

There is a lot of information about how animals help children in all sorts of situations - but especially in an educational environment. Children can learn a great many lessons and develop positive personality traits by working with farm animals. Working with animals will teach children responsibility and promote good character and integrity. A farm ...


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STEM Monday: Mapping the Brain

In this week's STEM After School Monday, we worked on understanding, mapping, and modeling the brain.


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Forcing Schools To Hit The ‘Reset’ Button

LISTEN TO STORY HERE: George Watts Montessori Magnet sits just north of downtown Durham, N.C., along the eastern edge of Duke University. Its sprawling, red-brick campus is nearly a century old and surrounded by gorgeously restored family homes that once housed Duke fraternities, before the university sold them off. Each morning, the sidewalk bustles with …


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20th Century Classroom vs. the 21st Century Classroom

20th Century Classroom vs. the 21st Century Classroom What is 21st century curriculum? Twenty-first century curriculum has certain critical attributes. It is interdisciplinary, project-based, and research-driven. It is connected to the community [embedyt][/embedyt] Traditional Vs Montessori USA 1960???s typical classroom ??? teacher-centered, fragmented curriculum, students working in isolation, memorizing facts. A classroom at the School ...



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