Before the age of six years a child will learn more easily and efficiently than at any other time in his or her life. In the Montessori program development is fostered by the use of sensory materials that help children classify and identify the stimuli they encounter. The environment, rather than the child, is controlled so that the individual child can experience the use of materials pertinent to the child’s current stage of development.


There are over 1000 hands on lessons in the classroom. Everything in the clasroom has a purpose. The teacher’s role, or “guide “as we like to refer to them as, is to connect the child with the materials that are pertinent to the child’s specific needs.


Every child is different and unique and will learn at different timeframes. The guide will show the child how to use the material and will also show them proper care and placement upon finishing. When you visit, you will notice the children are engaged and focused on their lessons. It is a peaceful and productive setting where children love to learn . The environment fosters strong foundations for higher learning concepts. Montessori children are better prepared for future success due to their ability to concentrate, love for order, and ability to make good choices.

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