We individualize each student???s academic plan based on their long range career goals. Class options vary according to your needs. A strong academic program is offered Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 12:00 Mon- Thurs. to cover the basic core academics. Fridays are reserved for enrichment trips and tutoring. The afternoons are designed for college ready and workforce ready programs to gear the students for success in the real world. Internships and mentoring is matched with the students interests and abilities. We do have an online option for the accelerated, self motivated student. Please set an appointment to design the best custom plan for your student.

Graduation Requirements

Academy for the Brilliant Child closely mirrors the Georiga High School Graduation Requirements in regards to the number of credit hours required for graduation.

Students will be required to meet standardized test requirements which include a proficient Reading and Math score. All students are also required to meet an exit Writing test requirements. The goal is for all graduations to satisfy and demonstrate college preparatory or career readiness requirements depending on selected academic track.

Strictly Academic Program

Mornings are designated for academic core classes and instruction. Friday tutoring included as needed. This program works to satisfy the core-curriculum requirements for graduation or degrees requirements.

Enrichment Programs

Includes college & workforce ready programs Specialties art, guitar, music, dance, & more. This includes special internship and leadership training programs.

Online Programs

Online programs meet the needs of students who cannot attend class or may not need the additional support of full time classroom lessons in every subject. The online option provides accredited course work, credit recovery and accelerated options for self motivated students. Most online programs require an full year commitment to ensure program is not interrupted for degree planning.

Special Education Programs

These meet needs of students that may require additional support or instruction to address learning differences. These programs typically require the core-curriculum academic programming and supplemental supports or enrichment programs. Program costs typically start at $9900 to support the students needs. These programs can be analyzed and reviewed on a case-by-case basis depending on individual student needs and schedules.

Additional Costs

High School Annual Field Trip Cost- approx. $300.00 This trip is not required, but encouraged. Some will attend Leadership Conferences or travel in alignment of their course study. They can raise the money by participating in the student run businesses, fundraisers, or developing a list of private sponsors to help with these additional costs.

Aftercare and Tutoring Services

Aftercare and Tutoring Services are also available. Aftercare starts at 3pm ??? 6pm. Tutoring sessions can also be assigned during these periods Monday ??? Thursday. Friday Tutoring is scheduled from 8am -3pm. Weekly rates are available for these services. Price ranges from $50.00 to $200.00 per week depending on your specific plan needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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