Below are the most commonly asked questions concerning our school.


Is your school accredited?

Yes. ??We are fully accredited through The Georgia Accrediting Commission.

Are uniforms required?

Yes. ??Students may choose to wear a navy or white shirt (embroidered with school name) with navy or khaki slacks. ??For more specifics, please see the handbook.

Do you follow the Henry County Calendar?

Yes, but, we do have some half day and teacher workdays that are not the same. Please see the annual posted calendar for these dates.

What is offered in the summer time?

You can choose to enroll for a ten month or twelve month school year. Summer Camp is always offered and you can choose as many weeks as you wish. It is there to provide the kids with enrichment and convenience for the parents.

Are lunches provided?

You may purchase healthy, fresh, vegan or deluxe meals through the school or bring a sack lunch from home.

Do you require placement testing for new students?

Elementary students without previous Montessori experience may be required to complete a placement assessment prior to enrollment. ??An interview process is used to determine if a child is likely to succeed in the Montessori environment.

Do you test students every year?

??Informal assessment is built into the curriculum. Progress and Mastery is tracked continually and recorded. Starting at age 6 students will take an online adaptive test for math and language. This is used at the beginning and end of the year to show progress. Optional ITBS testing is offered in the spring per parent???s request. ????

Do you offer discounts other than those listed on the fee schedule?

Yes. ??In addition to those listed on the fee schedule, we also offer a referral discount. ??If you refer a family to ABC, you will receive $200 off of your tuition once the family is enrolled for 3 months.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes. ??Financial aid is available by application. ??A Statement of Need is required and all awards must be pre-approved by the Financial Advisory Board.


If students qualify they can receive the Apogee scholarship or the State Special Need scholarship.

Does ABC offer fund raising?

Yes. ??ALL proceeds will be applied to your family???s tuition account and will help reduce the cost of tuition.

Is there a year round option?

Yes. ??Programs are available for all ages. Camps, tutoring, and Summer Institute are optional programs to enhance student???s educational journey and fill the need for childcare during the summer.

Can parent be involved with the school?

Yes. ??Each family is required to participate 4 hours each month. There are several options available to suit your schedule and talents that will benefit our environment.

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