Special Education

Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented

All children have a gift or talent in one or more areas. The beauty of the Montessori classroom is that we are able to cater to the needs and interests ???of each child based upon their abilities???. ??Montessori teachers are trained to recognize these needs and allow each child to work at their own pace. By allowing children to take the necessary time to process the classroom material, teachers are able to quickly identify which children are able to move quickly through the materials.


Gifted children tend to show more curiosity and creativity. They love to explore hands-on, project based??lessons and bring a unique set of skills into the classroom. The Montessori environment is rich and will allow students to move quickly??a???cross subject matter??yet thoroughly complete grade levels at their own pace without compromising the basics.???The mixed age classroom and three year grade span allows for the??curriculum challenge.???


Many parents choose our program because??t???hey cannot find a traditional classroom to meet their child’s needs or to be this flexible.??Our??Montessori environment still meets the social development while encouraging??g???race and courtesy and allows their child to be a leader amongst their peers. ???Many students transfer to us when they discover their children are not being challenged or they are being limited by grade or birthday cut offs. This is not true of the Montessori classroom and we will never limit a great thinker or an absorbent mind!

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